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Stallion Studio - Membership Information

Stallion Studio has a different marketing philosophy than other sites. We do not lure you with a low cost "introductory" price and then hit you with exorbitant monthly charges until you remember to cancel.

We are trying a new marketing model. We will charge you only a moderate membership fee. This will allow you unlimited access to view all the images on our site. If you see a series of images that you like, you may purchase and download the full size high resolution images for your personal collection, either the entire set or ala carte selections of your favorites.

Other sites promise "high resolution" images. What they mean is "high pixel count". They are still 72 dpi images that must be reduced to fit on your screen so you lose the benefit of all those pixels. Our high resolution images are just that, 300 dpi images (over 1.5 to 2 Mbyte file size!) that can be sent to you printer for beautiful hard copy. 72 dpi screen images just do not compare.

Our marketing philosophy tells us what you, the customer, want to see, whether it's a particular model or style of poses. You tell us what you want to see with your buying choices and we will find the models to give you more of what you want.

Take the tour and then join this exciting new concept.